CONVENIENCE : Reserving an airplane for your flights at COFA is easy. We use an internet scheduling system that is available 24X7 to show aircraft availability and instantly confirms your reservation. COFA airplanes are based at OSU's Don Scott Airport at the corner of Bethel and West Case roads in northwest Columbus, just minutes from anywhere in the metropolitan area. We have one tie-down on the east ramp and two of the planes are kept in hangers D5 and D6, which not only protects them but is great for those frosty mornings. Heated hangers are available on the field at a modest per use charge if you love those flights on clear cold days but like to preflight in comfort. OSU also provides pull-out and push-back service on request. Hanger D5 houses our office with a desk and a phone for a preflight planning, weather briefings, and flight plan filing. KOSU is served with ILS, NDB, VOR/DME/RNAV and GPS approaches and has a direct frequency link to Columbus approach radar.

OWNERSHIP : When you join COFA, you receive all the benefits of being an aircraft owner while avoiding many of the hassles. The COFA philosophy is simple - each member owns a share of all club aircraft. We attract quality members who take pride in their aircraft and operate them with an owner's care rather than with the less attentive attitude of some renter's. COFA's quality experience is rooted in ownership because it is a formula proven throughout the club's 39+ years.

FLIGHT TIMES: COFA's aircrafts are among the most available in Central Ohio. COFA limits club size, ensuring the most value for your flying dollar. Your financial commitment won't be wasted due to aircraft being frequently unavailable when you want them. We have no minimum or maximum flying times and members have 24hour access and their own keys to each aircraft. Family membership are available to ensure that none of your family misses out on the opportunity to fly with COFA. You can even schedule that two-week flying vacation and longer times may be approved with prior notice.

AFFORDABLE FLYING : Most quality conscious people are also concerned about value. COFA is the best value for people who fly between 35 and 100 hours per year. In this range COFA's rate structure is much more attractive than renting and we share the "fixed periodic" costs of aircraft care and maintenance among the members to make it more affordable then single ownership. Once you are accepted as a COFA member, you immediately become one of the named insured on our policies so additional renter insurance is not required. Among other things, that means that your membership includes a substantial amount of liability protection. The financial strength of the club also provides a buffer to those unscheduled costs that are inevitably associated with aircraft operation. Flight time is billed based on Tach time, not Hobbs meter time which saves you from 10% to 15%. For those who wish to take extended trips with our planes, there is no daily minimum. If you fly an hour out, stay a week, and fly an hour back, you incur only 2 hours of flight time, not a week's worth of daily minimum hours.

        Location :  Hangers D5 - D6

        Phone (614) 602 - COFA (2632 )




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